Meet Mike Sayers,

a dynamic entrepreneur often referred to as “The Mind Mogul.” From his early days as a spirited youngster, Mike demonstrated an innate flair for business that transcended traditional lemonade stands. His journey began with the iconic stand but swiftly evolved into crafting personalized headbands and t-shirts adorned with names, transforming family and friends into loyal customers. Not content with the ordinary, Mike and his friends turned mundane tasks like raking leaves and shoveling snow into lucrative ventures, creating both income and opportunities.

Growing up with a desire for name-branded clothing, Mike’s mother imparted wisdom that became his guiding principle: “If you are going to wear a name, let it be yours.” This advice fueled his entrepreneurial spirit, leading to the inception of his clothing brand, Blazing Sport, during his junior high and high school years. The brand epitomized blazing a trail for others to follow, setting the stage for Mike’s lifelong commitment to living by design.

His passion for design extended beyond clothing to encompass every aspect of business, from logo creation to website design. Recognizing the power of intentional design in shaping one’s destiny, Mike chose graphics as his college major, driven by the realization that the world we perceive is a result of deliberate design choices. This revelation birthed the motto he lives by today: “Live by design”

As a young boy, Mike’s curiosity led him to dismantle and repurpose old items into new creations, sparking his venture into the world of invention. His fascination with gadgets and gizmos evolved into a skill for product sketching and development. In college, his talents were recognized with an award for package design, a testament to his creative prowess.

The core of Mike’s teachings lies in the foundation of living by design, a philosophy he developed from years of nurturing countless creative thoughts and witnessing them come to life. Recognizing the common sentiment of unrealized ideas, he devised a practical 4-step process to guide individuals from ideation to fruition, ensuring that their ideas not only manifest but also thrive in the competitive market.

Mike Sayers, The Mind Mogul, has established numerous companies following the live-by-design model, catering to the dreamers¬† who often find themselves stuck in the ideation phase. With a wealth of experience and a commitment to turning dreams into reality, Mike offers a roadmap for individuals to capitalize on their ideas, ensuring they take center stage rather than becoming someone else’s success story.